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Project Outreach is a non-profit ministry begun by Sister Elaine Wicks.
While much of our ministry takes place at the Sister Elaine Wicks Memorial Park, we provide much needed support to families across our communities.

PROJECT OUTREACH, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-denominational corporation, organized with a Franciscan Spirit, to provide aid to the poor, the sick, the aged and the marginalized. 


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About Us...

In 1977, medical care in Fayette County was almost nonexsistent until Carroll Dozier and the Bishop of Memphis invited the Franciscan Sisters of Rochester, MN to assist in building the Rossville Health Clinic. Sister Elaine Wicks was sent by the Fanciscan Sisters of Rochester to serve but she stayed by choice. She served the people of Fayettte County in the Rossville Health Clinic, in the community schools, and in their homes.  

In 1980, Fayette County Tennessee was the third poorest county in the United States. Today, while the county experiences record growth, the poor remain very poor, many in need of their "daily bread". But through the projects established by Sister Elaine Wicks, Project Outreach has made a significant impact in the in the lives of the people who call this rural community their home.

She spent much of her time ministering to the people of this community, until cancer took Sister Elaine in 1998. The Volunteers of Project Outreach continue her vision and dream to improve the nutrition, living conditions, access to clothing & school supplies for this underserved community. Ministering to needs and the condition of the human spirit for those who live in this rural community is at the heart of the mission of Project Outreach.

It is because of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers that we are able to continue to do this very important ministry set into motion by Sister Elaine Wicks.

Everything donated to Project Outreach goes directly to the families we serve in Fayette County. Our ministry staff are also volunteers and do not take any salaries for their efforts; so you can know that when you donate to this ministry, 100% of your donation will go directly to those who need your help the most.

Project Outreach is a non-denominational organization formed with a Franciscan Spirit, dedicated to serving and providing aid to the poor, the sick, the aged and the marginalized.

PROJECT OUTREACH, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our NEXT Distribution Day
Is Coming Up Fast!

Contact Us To Volunteer
For  The NEXT Project Outreach  Distribution Day! 
The date is May 15, 2019!


These are 'Save The Dates"   Special thanks to those who help with this ministry.

May 15 (Wed.)    Starting in May and going throughout the summer, Project Outreach will add lunch foods and snacks for children to our regular delivery of food.  Children will be at home for the summer and will therefore not be receiving breakfast and lunch at school.  Please donate snack crackers, peanut butter, canned fruit (no-sugar added), mac & cheese, breakfast bars, nuts, popcorn, fruit juice, cheese, and cracker packs, cereal (low sugar), and lots of fresh fruit.  Monetary donations or gift cards are needed to buy fruit.

You can mail your tax deductible donation to: Project Outreach, Inc.  9245 Poplar Ave., Ste 317 Germantown, TN 38138

When your gardens begin producing, remember fresh vegetables would benefit the diets of all our guests, especially children.  Maybe you could plant a few extra rows with Project Outreach in mind.  

Contact Us

If you would like more information or would like to donate to Project Outreach, please contact us here.