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Our Board of Directors...

Carrying on with Sister Elaine Wicks vision of service is our Board of Directors' focus.  We are dedicated to serving those in need in the unique rural setting of Fayette County.  

We understand the uniqueness of rural ministry.  We welcome the opportunity to speak with individuals, small business owners, and  corporate donors about how their contributions can be of tremendous help to those in need in an area that does not have access to the similar ministry servicies usually found in larger and more urban settings.  Project Outreach is a ministry that provides direct assistance to those in Fayette County who are in great need.

We welcome your inquiries and your generous support of our efforts through Project Outreach.  Our Board meets each quarter to plan on how to address the needs ahead of us.  We are making progress in meeting the needs of this underserved commuity.  For example, we are now implementing a special program to address the nutritional needs of our Fayette County population that has been impacted by type 2 diabetes and low-quality nutrition.  We do this by supplying some sugar-free items and diabetic food alternative choices from our pantry and fresh vegetables from local gardens.

We also secure donors for providing scholarships for college education opportunities to graduates of the Fayette Ware High School.  Currently we have one perpetual scholarship that has been funded and we are currently seeking additional donors to expand our scholarship offerings to allow more students the opportunity for self-development through higher education.

We are also seeking donors and sponsors to provide computers for high school juniors and seniors and college students who pass through our Project Outreach programs.

Please contact us directly and let us know you are interested in learning more about how you can support Project Outreach.

Shona Moore

OFS President

Shona Moore is the product of many "Jesus moments" in her life.  Beginning with a near drowning experience at age 15 in the Gulf of Mexico, she quickly recognized that there was and is more to life than beach volleyball.  A God-given talent took her to the National Youth Symphony Orchestra in 1968, opening the door to a degree in Music Theory and Composition.  The first week of June 1973 brought college graduation, conversion to Catholicism, and marriage to Phil Moore (now Deacon Phil Moore of St. Brigid Parish in Memphis, TN).  Together they become Secular Franciscans.

Relocating from Mobile, AL to Germantown, TN in 1987 with Phil's new job, Shona became the Minister of Music at OLPH Church and later at St. Patrick's Church in downtown Memphis.  In 1998, just before the Founder of Project Outreach passed away from cancer, Sister Elaine,Wicks, tapped Shona as the future leader for the organization. Shona and Phil have three sons and three grandsons.

Delana Lynch


After 15+ years of helping to serve with Project Outreach I have learned to love this community of our sisters and brothers.  I have seen their struggles, their faces, their successes, their losses, and their ongoing need for our help.  I have experienced how one bag of groceries once a month, with extra food at holidays can ease their lives if even just a little and bring a smile to their faces.  

My expression to others who question: "You need to walk in their shoes, not just for a day but for a whole week and see what your reaction would be."  It has been an extraordinary journey to be able to help our neighbors.  And, yes, it brings more than just a smile to my face.  It has been a reality check!  I will be forever grateful for this life experience and the opportunity to serve this community.

Diane Capkavic


This biography is currently being updated.

Deidre Baker

Recording Secretary

This biography is currently being updated.

Sarah D'Addabbo

Corresponding Secretary

Volunteering and helping others has been my passion for most of my life; my mother could attest to this based on the numbers of runaway animals, children, and adults that I brought home to be cared for.  College helped me to develop those skills in to a social work degree and life experiences have helped me refine them.  While I no longer bring home 'strays', I do still find them or they find me wherever I go; the only difference now is I utilize the tools that God gave me to balance out my need to help with what is best for everyone.

Project Outreach has been near and dear to my heart since 1988 when I was asked to help plan and execute a parish Christmas Trees of Love program to help Sister Elaine Wicks carry out her mission to serve the poor in Fayette County.  Through her love of the poor and her love of history, I learned that this county was among the poorest in the United States and came to know why this happened.  Sister Elaine's tireless efforts to address the wrongs of the past, invest in the future, and to bring "Jesus with skin on" to the people she served inspired me to continue working with the project years after she passed away.

I am involved in several other ministries in the Memphis area, admittedly mostly Catholic, because I want to spread the good news and bring Jesus to others.  I pray that this newly incorporated version of Sister Elaine's vision continues to grow.  I am excited to be part of it as we move forward.

Contact Us

If you would like more information or would like to donate to Project Outreach, please contact us here.