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How Can I Support?

•   Volunteer your time...each month we have Food Distribution Days and we need volunteers to help sort, bag, and distribute the donated food.  We also need pantry volunteers to help collect, sort, and store donated food at the Sister Elaine Wicks park where the distribution takes place.  We also have four major Distributions events that require additional volunteers for Back to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  We always need helping hands!

•   Financial Donations...your cash donations give our organization the purchasing power to supply heatlhy fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits for food distribution days. This money allows our volunteers to purchase fresh items to supplement the dry pantry goods distributed to those in need as close as a day or two away from their distribution so the food is at its freshest.  You can also donate gift cards for grocery and other stores to allow our ministry volunteers to purchase items needed in the Project Outreach pantry.

•  Donations of Food...we need to maintain a full-pantry on a monthly basis so we need items that have long shelf lives such as packaged dinners, soups, stews, canned meats, noodles/pastas, sauces, canned vegetables, canned fruits, dried beans, rice, boxed desserts, cereals, oatmeal, cooking oils, condiments, sugar-free and diebetic nutritionally friendly foods are very much appreciated also.  We also gladly accept donations of paper goods such as trash bags, paper plates, napkins, cups, utinsils, sandwich bags and storage bags.  You can delivery your donated foods to the following churches:

 St. Brigid Catholic Church 7801 Lowrance Road  Memphis, Tennessee 38125  (901) 758-0128

Germantown Presbyterian Church  2363 S Germantown Rd, Germantown, TN 38138  (901) 754-5195

Incarnation Catholic Church 360 Bray Station Rd, Collierville, TN 38017  (901) 853-7804

OLPH Catholic Church 8151 Poplar Ave, Germantown, TN 38138  (901) 754-1204

Donations of School Supplies...Each July we collect school supplies for 600 school students.  Your donations of school supplies goes along way to help these children start the school year prepared.  You can donate notebook paper, binders, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers, composition books, and folders etc.

Donations of Seasonal Clothing...will be accepted if the clothing is clean, in good condition, and in season (i.e. we do not accept winter coats in the summer months nor light weight clothing during the winter months).  We will also accept shoes, bags, and accessories  in excellent condition for infants through adults.

Meeting The Needs Where They Are...

  Addressing the need for diabetic nutritional support... We are now implementing a special program to address the nutritional needs of our Fayette County population that has been impacted by type 2 diabetes and low-quality nutrition.  We do this by supplying some sugar-free items and diabetic food alternative choices from our pantry and fresh vegetables from local gardens.

Addressing the need for better access to education...We are in need of donors for providing scholarships for college education opportunities to graduates of the Fayette-Ware High School.  Currently we have one perpetual scholarship that has been funded and we are currently seeking additional donors to expand our scholarship offerings to allow more students the opportunity for self-development through higher education. Providing this support will have positive & lasting economic impact on these students and their families for generations to come.

Addressing the need for better access to computers for education...We are also seeking donors and sponsors to provide new computers for college bound students who are served by our Project Outreach programs.

Please contact us directly and let us know you are interested in learning more about how you can support Project Outreach.

Our 2018
Christmas Distribution Day
Is Coming Up Fast!

Contact Us To Volunteer
For Project Outreach Christmas Distribution Day! 
The date is Saturday, December 15, 2018!


These are 'Save The Dates" Thank you to everyone who help with this ministry.

July 29      Last day to turn in school supplies & Workday at Incarnation after 12:15 Mass

Aug 3        OLPH Church, separating & individually sacking school supplies 8:45am after Mass

Aug 4      School Supply Distribution, Meet at Collierville WalMart at 7:00am (need 50 volunteers) 

Aug 15    Food Distribution Day, Meet at Collierville WalMart at 8:00am

Sept 13    Food Distribution Day. Meet at Collierville WalMart at 8:00am

Oct 5        Set up for "Sister Elaine Wicks Memorial Day"

Oct 6        Sister Elaine Wicks Memorial Begins at 11am, 200 guests are invited

Nov 17      Thanksgiving Day Distribution, Meet at Collierville WalMart at 7:30am (need 60 volunteers)

Dec 9       Last day to bring in donations & Workday at Incarnation after 12:15 Mass

Dec 10    Work day sorting and packing at OLPH after 8:45 Mass

Dec 15    Christmas Distribution Day, Meet at Collierville WalMart at 6:30am (need 90 volunteers)

Jan 16     Food Distribution Day. Meet at Collierville WalMart at 9:00am for warmer temps



April 18    Easter Distribution Day  "Holy Thursday" Meet at Collierville WalMart at 7:00am (need 60 volunteers)


Contact Project Outreach

If you would like more information or would like to donate to Project Outreach, please contact us here.