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People serving people; sharing joy and love!

Easter 2019 Distribution

Project Outreach
By Shona Moore

Hello Dear Friends of Project Outreach

Holy Thursday’s distribution in Fayette County was amazing and a God-filled experience!

Holy Thursday’s distribution in Fayette County was amazing and a God-filled experience. We were worried about the safety of our guests and our volunteers because strong storms had been predicted and out in the county there is no place to hide. A friend with FedEx advised us that it looked like there would be a break in the storms between 10 and 1pm, so with 24 hours notice we made every effort to contact every guest and every volunteer to delay the distribution by 2 hours. Then we prayed. And then we requested more prayers. God heard our concern and our needs. There were a few sprinkles when we first got to the park at 9:30 but by 10 they had stopped!

People serving people; sharing joy and love!

After our prayer by Mother Janet Anderson, we enjoyed a guest speaker, Maria Aktotu, who is a native of Nigeria where many of the families we serve originated. She told us we are all one: brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fliers were placed in every bag of food and an announcement was made about the Job Fair at St Patrick's Church in Collierville on April 24th, sponsored by Collierville Literacy Council. It would be an excellent opportunity for someone to get a job or a better job.

Smaller things were taking place, too. There were surveys to be filled out anonymously about diabetes, health care, smoke detectors and foot inspections. Someone had given us beet and collard seeds to share and we had about 12 Easter dresses for younger girls. Because of the threatening weather the gently worn clothing, household items and new underwear was held over for our next distribution.

People serving people; sharing joy and love!
People serving people; sharing joy and love!

We are always grateful to Gretchen Kirk for bringing boys and girls from St Agnes and St Dominic Schools. These young people interact beautifully with our guests and carry tons of groceries and turkeys to their cars. The students are however MOST appreciated by our more mature volunteers, whose backs and knees and necks would be in pain without the young helpers. Appreciation goes out to the school administrators as well for letting this happen.

In 3 hours our volunteers packed and provided Kroger sacks filled with non-perishable items, another bag with 4 rolls of toilet paper, a bag of hygiene items, 5 lbs of potatoes, 3 lbs of apples, 18 count eggs, a turkey and 2 Easter Baskets to each of 219 families.

Everything at Sr Elaine Wicks Park had been cleaned up and locked up by 1:05 and as the last person to leave, Deacon Phil was driving out of the park as the skies opened and the rain came down. We truly believe and we live as though God hears our every prayer and some days it is just undeniable!

People serving people; sharing joy and love!
People serving people; sharing joy and love!

Thank You, to the hundreds of families who cared enough about their neighbors to give from their own blessings. Our volunteers, young and old, shared prayer, hugs, smiles and Easter Joy. Easter dinner tables will be filled with plenty of food and I do believe the food on our own tables will taste just a little better.

After 219 families received 2 baskets each, we still had 60 Easter baskets. Deacon Phil is on his way right now, taking them to St Paul’s Church for their children.

As we celebrate the HUGE miracle of Easter, let’s not miss all the little miracles that affect us and bless us daily!

Happy Happy Easter!